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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And then One Day in April

I walked by the foreclosed house that had been the sight of so much trouble in the past few years. I walked up the stairs and opened the unlocked gate and I just started pulling out all the weeds. Hours went by. I couldn't stop. Neighbors walked by. Many asked me: "You buy this place?" and I should my head, "Nope" and I smiled a guilty smile and they laughed.
There had been quite a bit of rainfall and the weeds came out easily, revealing a really nice soil I was pretty amazed. We have clay, heavy heavy clay, in these parts. But this stuff had some loam to it, and earthworms! What was expected to be the back breaking work of breaking up clay pan was cake.

Gonzalo walked by and offered to help. I worked with a garden fork while he loosened the soil and created rows wit the pick axe. The man has technique. He then went to his house to get seeds he had saved from his garden in south central.

Sal saw me pulling up weeds. He was taking care of his nephew, a little boy who enjoyed giving the finger to passersby and shrieking, often. Now I am no parent, I like kids but prefer to play a peripheral role in their lives. The kid came over and wanted to work so we gave him a patch of ground and he battled the monster Bermuda grass and labored at removing the big heavy rocks.
He didn't shriek once.

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