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Thursday, June 3, 2010

local graffiti

gang graffiti
One night I came home and a bunch of 11 year olds were tagging my wall. A friend was dropping me off, a friend who is terrified of my neighborhood. I jumped out of the car and walked up to the kids. Umm you guys? I faltered. Um do you think you could um not do that um here....
They stopped and looked at me. They were incredibly clean cut little Latino kids. One had glasses and a polo shirt on. They were spraying my wall with there arm extended straight up for maximum height (about my eye level) These kids, were they even eleven? A very very very large man approached in a very large very white over sized t-shirt. May i help you ma'am? My names grande. this is my crew." I looked up at the mountain of a kid. Well I stuttered. Its just that I live here and I'm an artist and I really have nothing against graffiti but umm this just well um.. I stuttered and faltered out an embarrassment of excuses while trying to remain uh OK hip I guess. I still cringe. Grande Smiled. Sure ma'am. We'll paint over it. Oh thanks okay. well. Have a good night. um grande. Nice to meet you. Maybe they could get other color spray paint besides just the black... goodnight.
My poor Friend sat rigid in her car looking at me horrified. I tapped on her window and she rolled it down a notch. thanks for the ride. Are you insane? they could have sprayed you in the face they do that. There was just a big article about it. Oh. I found myself apologising.
When I woke the next morning I went outside. The wall had been painted over.
No locks were put on the gates and there were no "no trespassing signs" put up by the last crew or any of the previous crews that were sent out in response to numerous health code violations phoned in by concerned neighbors.

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